College of Computing Launches New Information Security Course for Managers

July 4, 2006

The College of Computing Continuing Education Program introduces a new course entitled "Blueprint for Information Security" on November 14th at the Georgia Tech Computer Training Facility at Colony Square in Midtown Atlanta. This one-day program is designed for managers at all levels who are charged with protecting digital data resources and want to learn more about their responsibilities and options. The class also will be useful to those who seek a foundation for further study on the details of building and implementing an information risk management environment.

"This course material is as timely as today's headlines," said Tom Pilsch, the College's assistant dean for Continuing Education. "We built the course especially for technical and non-technical leaders at all levels who finally have heard the wake-up call and are looking for a 'how-to' roadmap."

This course goes beyond traditional information security courses that focus on technologies such as firewalls and encryption to secure data. "Blueprint for Information Security" will touch on security technology but will concentrate on risk management and policy issues to assist managers in creating a data protection plan consistent with the needs of their organization.

"Recent national events have motivated us to accelerate this program," noted Pilsch. "The interest and need definitely are there."

"Blueprint for Information Security" is the lead course for a new certificate on Managing Information Security beginning in January 2002. This series of short courses will fill in the details on policy, planning and implementation for building a comprehensive information risk management program. The full certificate also will cover the common body of knowledge elements for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification.

Online registration and directions to the Georgia Tech Computer Training Facility are available at

Contact Tom Pilsch for more information.