College Conducting Chair Searches for Schools of CS, IC

March 2, 2011

The College of Computing has begun concurrent searches for the next chairs of the schools of Computer Science and Interactive Computing. Professors Henrik Christensen and Dana Randall will chair the search committees for CS and IC, respectively.

“Both schools were formed four years ago, and they have reached a point in their evolution where it is time to look far and wide for the people who will lead them to the next stage of excellence,” said Zvi Galil, John P. Imlay Dean of Computing. “I’d like to extend special thanks to professors Ellen Zegura and Aaron Bobick, who stayed on as CS and IC chairs to ensure the College’s smooth transition to its new dean. Both have done fine jobs and have graciously agreed to continue in their roles during these searches.”

Both search committees represent the range of constituencies related to the school s and were formed with input from the respective schools’ faculty. Christensen, chair of the CS search committee, is KUKA Chair of Robotics and director of the Center for Robotics & Intelligent Machines at Georgia Tech (RIM@GT). Randall, chair of the IC committee, is professor of computer science.