Computing Professors Invited By NSF to Discuss Innovation & Discovery

June 4, 2006

ATLANTA (June 4, 2006)--College of Computing Associate Professor Ashok Goel and Professor Nancy Nersessian were invited to give talks at the National Science Foundation's (NSF) workshop on "The Scientific Basis for Individual and Team Innovation and Discovery."

The event was held in Washington, DC, on May 17-18, 2006 and jointly organized by NSF's Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences and Directorate of Engineering. The goal of the workshop was to help NSF launch a new strategic program called "The Science of Science Policy," which includes research on innovation as a major component.

Ashok Goel gave a talk titled "Exploring Design Innovation: The AI Method and Some Results, while Nancy Nersessian gave a talk titled "Interdisciplinarity on the Benchtop: Model-Based Reasoning in Bio-Science and Engineering Research Laboratories."

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