CSS Wins Distinguished Paper Award At ISSTA'06

July 25, 2006

(July 26, 2006)--Computing Science & Systems (CSS) Assistant Professor Yannis Smaragdakis and Ph.D. student Christoph Csallner wrote "DSD-Crasher: a Hybrid Analysis Tool for Bug Finding," and won one of only two distinguished paper awards at this year's International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis (ISSTA).

DSD-Crasher is a bug finding tool that follows a three-step approach to program analysis:
(D) Captures the program’s intended execution behavior with dynamic invariant detection.           
(S) Statically analyzes the program within the restricted input domain to explore many paths.
(D) Automatically generates test cases that focus on verifying the results of the static analysis.

Therefore, DSD-Crasher's confirmed results are never false positives as opposed to the high false positive rate inherent in conservative static analysis. Smaragdakis and Csallner say their three-step approach yields benefits compared to past two-step combinations in the literature. "In our evaluation with third-party applications, we demonstrate higher precision over tools that lack a dynamic step and higher efficiency over tools that lack a static step."

ISSTA'06 is a premier conference in software testing and software analysis, and included over 150 attendees and 100 submissions this year. To view CSS' distinguished paper, click here.