Developing Visions & Creating New Research Activities

January 4, 2007

(January 5, 2007)--College of Computing Professor, Associate Dean and Division Chair Ellen Zegura is currently serving on two important groups – the interim Computing Community Consortium Council (CCC) and the Computing Research Association’s (CRA) Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) Advisory Board. As one of the appointed experts, Zegura provides scientific leadership and vision on issues related to computing research and future large-scale computing research projects.

The CCC was established by a National Science Foundation (NSF) cooperative agreement with CRA to identify major research opportunities and establish “grand challenges” for the field. The core leadership for the CCC comes from the CCC Council that Zegura is a part of, and is described as a group with the stature, diversity and longevity needed for the CCC to be effective.

"We're pleased that NSF has charged our organization with establishing the CCC," said Dan Reed, CRA Chair and director of the Renaissance Computing Institute in North Carolina. "Computing research continues to fuel the innovations that drive economic productivity. We see the CCC as a mechanism that will enable continued innovation by enhancing our community's ability to envision and pursue long-term, audacious computing research goals."

CRA recently constituted a nominating committee to generate potential appointees to the more permanent CCC Council and Chair which will replace the interim council later this year. Under a three-year, $6M agreement, the Council is responsible not for doing the visioning, but for putting processes into place that stimulate and facilitate visioning by the computing research community.

One of the first tasks of the CCC will be to assume the role of community proxy organization for the NSF's GENI Project, providing broad scientific oversight to its potential construction and operation. GENI is an experimental and collaborative facility with NSF and the research community. As an appointed member of the GENI’s Advisory Board, Ellen Zegura works toward enabling the research community to invent and demonstrate a global communications network and related services that will be qualitatively better than today's Internet.

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