GVU and Tech's Music Department Establish Dorkbot to Create Electronic Art

March 8, 2006

This year, the GVU Center and Georgia Tech's Music Department, under the direction of Jason Freeman, began sponsorship of an Atlanta chapter of dorkbot, an international forum dedicated to arts, technology, and people doing strange things with electricity.

The purpose of dorkbot-atl is to give artists, programmers, and engineers an opportunity for informal peer reviews; establish a forum for presenting new art work, technology, software, and hardware; help establish relationships; and foster collaborations between people with various backgrounds and interests.

“Dorkbot also gives us all a chance to see the cool things that our neighbors are working on,” says Freeman. “We are totally neutral with respect to style and aesthetics, so all that's required is an interest in using electricity creatively. Dorkbot is also a more casual academic forum as opposed to the more conventional versions--no PowerPoint slides or academic affiliation is necessary, yet lots of open discussion is encouraged.”

Dorkbot started in New York in 2000 by Douglas Irving Repetto, and has since spread to over 40 cities worldwide. Artists using sound, image, movement, etc.; designers; engineers; students; and anyone else interested in the creation of electronic art are invited to attend these monthly meetings held in Georgia Tech's Couch Building.

More Information:
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