Learning By Design Programs Help Summer Camp

July 23, 2006

(July 24, 2006)--College of Computing Regents’ Professor Janet Kolodner, and Ph.D. students Christina Gardner, Tammy Clegg, and Swaroop Vattam helped Georgia Tech’s Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics and Computing (CEISMC) utilize two Learning By Design programs for summer camp this year. Elementary school campers use the Kitchen Science Investigators (KSI) project while the middle school campers use Hovercraft.

KSI focuses on how elementary and middle school students learn Science through cooking and the computer software to support this environment. KSI research is supported through NASA’s Space Telescope Science Institute and the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. In the context of designing and building a variety of hovercraft, middle school participants learn the essentials of engineering design and the physics that keep hovercraft aloft and moving. Cutting-edge experimental educational software is used to aid Hovercraft's design and physics learning, and is also supported by the College of Computing at Georgia Tech.

CEISMC ‘s summer camp started June 19 and will end on July 28. For more information about CEISMC, click here.