National Science Foundation Awards Grant to Mary Jean Harrold, Professor of Computing

March 29, 2006

Mary Jean Harrold, Computing Sciences and Systems (CSS) division professor and member of the SPARC Group was awarded a grant from NSF’s highly-competitive Computing and Communication Foundations (CCF) Program Her project titled, Automatic Fault Localization Using Statistics and Visualization will be funded for three years for a total of $409,430.

Existing automated debugging techniques have limitations that prevent them from scaling to industrial systems. Harrold's project will investigate fault-localization techniques that can be used in practice through several activities: the research will develop improved techniques that can more quickly guide the user to the faulty regions of the system and exploit programmer knowledge and guidance; the research will design and conduct controlled experiments and case studies to evaluate cost-benefits of new and improved techniques, as well as to understand the factors contributing to those costs-benefits; the research will also assemble an infrastructure of programs, faulty versions, and test suites for future fault-localization approaches.

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