Nersessian Addresses NSF Science of Learning Centers

October 30, 2006

(October 31, 2006)--College of Computing Professor of Cognitive Science Nancy Nersessian was recently invited by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to give a plenary address at their annual Science of Learning Centers Principal Investigators meeting in Washington D.C. These five-year $25M centers are charged with conducting cutting-edge interdisciplinary learning science, and creating the next generation of interdisciplinary researchers to lead in the 21st century. Nersessian's talk focused on different ways to think about and create interdisciplinary emergence.

In 2003, NSF created the Science of Learning Centers (SLC) program as a third, cross-agency vehicle on a par with its Science & Technology Centers (STCs) and Engineering Research Centers (ERCs). The SLC program offers awards for large-scale, long-term centers that will extend the frontiers of knowledge and learning of all types, creating the intellectual, organizational, and physical infrastructure needed for the long-term learning research advancements. SLCs are built around a unifying research focus and incorporate a diverse, multidisciplinary environment involving appropriate partnerships with academia, industry, all levels of education, and other public and private entities.

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