Peikert Named a 2011 Sloan Research Fellow

February 15, 2011

Assistant Professor Chris Peikert (Computer Science) has been named a 2011 Sloan Research Fellows,
the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation announced on Feb. 15.

Peikert’s research
focuses on geometric “lattices” as a new mathematical foundation for cryptography
(the science of developing secret codes and the use of those codes in an
encryption system). In principle, quantum computers could break much of the cryptography in wide use today, so there is a strong need for alternative schemes.
The lattice approach yields very simple schemes that are highly efficient and

“My research has shown that lattice-based cryptography
offers surprisingly rich degrees of functionality and security,” Peikert said.
“I'm thrilled to be recognized by the Sloan Foundation. This fellowship will
support my research group here at Georgia Tech, as well as collaborations with
colleagues around the world.”

The Sloan
Research Fellowship
is a highly competitive award, involving nominations of
prestigious scholars from all over the United States and Canada. Past
recipients of the Sloan Research Fellowship have gone on to win 38 Nobel
Prizes. The Sloan Foundation seeks to support projects lead by outstanding
young scholars in the fields of science, mathematics, economics, and computer
science and is particularly interested in projects that it expects will result
in a strong benefit to society.