Ph.D. Students Win Best Student Paper at Machine Vision Conference

September 8, 2010

Computer science Ph.D student David Tsai and 2010 Ph.D. graduate Matthew Flagg received the Best Student Paper Prize at the British Machine Vision Conference, held Aug. 30 to Sept. 3 in Aberystwyth, United Kingdom.

BMVC is the premier conference in the U.K. on computer vision and its related fields. Tsai's and Flagg's paper, "Motion Coherent Tracking With Multi-Label MRF Optimization," was one of 345 submissions to BMVC 2010. Just 8.7 percent were accepted for oral presentation. Professor Jim Rehg (IC) also is listed as a co-author on the paper.

Tsai is a second-year Ph.D. student. The publication was based on his research during his first two semesters at Georgia Tech. Flagg earned his Ph.D. in computer science and now is a computer vision research engineer at Photometria, a San Diego-based start-up focused on personal photo enhancement. Rehg is adviser to both students, who are also both members of the Computational Perception Lab.