Professor Named to DARPA Study Group

April 28, 2009

Assistant Professor Rich Vuduc of the Computational Science and
Engineering Division is one of 12 junior faculty in the U.S. to be
named to a highly selective research study group sponsored by the
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

The Computer Science Study Group (CSSG) is a program that supports
university research in computer science and related fields while
allowing younger researchers to become more knowledgeable about
Department of Defense (DoD) information technology needs and
priorities. Through his participation in this group, Vuduc could
receive up to $1 million in research funding over two to four years.

The first year of the three-phase membership consists of a series of
briefings and visits by participants to various DoD sites and
facilities, as well as individual research programs. Vuduc said the 12
members of the 2009 group will jump out of a 34' tower in a paratrooper
training exercise and participate in a live in-flight refueling
exercise program.

According to application materials for this year’s competition, “The
2009 CSSG program goal is to identify and develop innovative ideas with
high payoff in computer science and related disciplines. Research will
focus on ideas that can lead to revolutionary technology to permit
significant advances in computational modeling, simulation, control,
information analysis and DoD functional capabilities.”

Computer Science Professor Charles Isbell is a previous participant in this program.

More information about the program can be found here.