SAB Trivia Night a Fun Way to Meet, Interact

April 7, 2010

Every month, Student Activities Board (SAB) hosts a night of trivia, open to all Georgia Tech students but focused on students of the College of Computing.  Teams are made upon arrival, which gives students the opportunity to meet and work with people they do not know. Trivia Night is a great way to meet fellow students in a casual, relaxed environment.

Trivia questions are put through an extensive process to ensure fairness, and prizes are awarded to the team with the most points at the end of the night. Prizes also give the teams the incentive to work collaboratively, calling on an entire team’s strengths and knowledge base. SAB Trivia Night encourages having fun in a positive way, meeting new people and getting to know students other than in an academic setting.  Trivia Night is always a great success!