UC Irvine’s Beall Center Opens Exhibition Featuring GVU Center's AR Façade

October 17, 2007

October 18, 2007 - InterSense, Inc., a leader in motion tracking
technology, today announced its IS-1200 VisTracker system has been incorporated
into the Grand Text Auto exhibition taking place from October 4 through
December 15 at the University of California, Irvine’s Beall Center for Art +
Technology.  Collectively authored by six
artists and scholars, Grand Text Auto
is a popular blog about the potential of digital media.  The event at the Beall Center
marks the first time a blog has become a gallery exhibition, during which Grand
Text Auto members are putting their concepts and ideas into practice in a
variety of ways.

InterSense's technology has
been incorporated into an augmented reality (AR) installation of the acclaimed
desktop-based interactive drama, Façade.  The new AR version of Façade, developed at the
Georgia Institute of Technology, utilizes the VisTracker system as a means to
track the players in real time as they move freely throughout the scene.  Along with motion tracking, the players
utilize gestures and speech to interact with virtual characters that appear
graphically imposed in the scene, using an augmented video see-thru display.  The InterSense inertial-optical IS-1200
VisTracker is incorporated into the head mounted display to smoothly track the
player's viewpoint over a large area to ensure that s/he has a realistic
interactive experience with the virtual characters.

AR Façade is described by its creators as a piece that "explores the combination of
interactive virtual characters, non-linear narrative, and unconstrained
embodied interaction and serves as an instrument for understanding the
relationship between presence and engagement." 
It was created by Steven Dow, Manish Mehta, Blair MacIntyre and Michael
Mateas (now at UC Santa Cruz) at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s GVU Center.

"This is the first time AR
Façade has been seen outside a university research laboratory," stated Blair
MacIntyre, associate professor in the School
of Interactive Computing at Georgia
Tech’s GVU Center and an expert in augmented
reality, computer graphics and human-computer interaction.  "By using augmented reality to make Façade
more immersive, we’re allowing players to move beyond just playing the game 3/4 so they actually feel they are the game."

"InterSense is proud to
support the creation of the AR Façade, as well as the cutting-edge research
conducted by the team at the Georgia Institute of Technology's GVU Center,"
stated Dean Wormell, Director of Applications Marketing at InterSense.  "This game is just a glance into the future
of augmented reality for use in training and manufacturing applications.  The ability to interact seamlessly in a real
environment with virtual elements provides an engaging experience in which
virtual content can truly affect participants."

The Beall
Center for Art + Technology is located
at the Claire Trevor
School of the Arts, University of California, Irvine (712
Arts Plaza, Irvine, CA). 
The exhibition is open Tuesday and Wednesday from12–5 pm and Thursday
through Saturday from 12-8 pm.  For more
information on the exhibit please visit http://beallcenter.uci.edu

About InterSense

Founded in 1996, InterSense Inc. is a precision motion
technology company delivering real time positioning, tracking and alignment
capabilities, which bring higher speed and quality to visual simulation and
enhanced vision and navigation applications. 
InterSense's patented motion tracking products enable realistic
interaction with computer graphics for demanding applications including
simulation and training; oil and gas exploration; manufacturing; virtual
prototyping and design; medical imaging; entertainment; and video/film
production.  Privately-held InterSense is
headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts. For more information, visit www.intersense.com.