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Robotic Prosthesis Turns Drummer into a Three-Armed Cyborg
CS PhD Student Passes Away After Suffering Severe Burns

Saamer Akhshabi, a Georgia Tech Ph.D. student in computer science who was seriously injured Feb. 4 in his Midtown apartment, died March 6 in Grady Hospital.

Research Connects Drug War Violence in Mexico with Desensitization in Social Media

Amid times of crisis, citizens often turn to social media as a method to share information, make observations and vent. But as a Georgia Tech professor’s research into social media use amid the Mexican drug war shows, posts can reveal growing numbness, or desensitization, during times of protracted violence and stress.

Thad Starner has been wearing some kind of computer on his head for twenty years. Now the Georgia Tech professor and Google Glass pioneer wants the world to join him. Source: Atlanta Magazine