Category Alumni

Young-Sung Son

Young-Sung SonYoung-Sung Son is a visiting scholar researching user life pattern analysis in the home network. He received a Ph.D degree and has worked on embedded sw and green computing as a senior researcher in ETRI from 1996. His research interests are ubiquitous network service, autonomic computing, smart media and social computing.Personal Web Page >>

Marshini Chetty

Marshini ChettyMarshini is a postdoctoral researcher interested in empowering end-users with information about how they use complex systems. She is currently investigating how to make broadband information more visible in the home, in ways that allow her to investigate the social and technical challenges of foregrounding infrastructure. Her other interests include sustainability and international development. Personal Web Page >>

Shanks Krishnan

MS HCI 2007

Shivam Goyal

MS HCI 2007, now at PayPal

Andrew Miller

MS HCI 2006 now a User Experience Designer at Schematic

Matt McKeon

MS HCI 2006, now a Research Scientist at IBM

Jonathan Bunde-Pedersen

PhD HCI from Aarhus University in Denmark

Puja Verma

MS HCI 2008, now at Yahoo

Jeonghwa Yang

PhD HCI 2009, now at Sungkyunkwan University

Lawrence Jarvis

Lawrence Jarvis is an undergraduate researcher.