Center for 21st Century Universities

Center for 21st Century Universities

The Center for 21st Century Universities (C21U) is an interdisciplinary center for innovation in higher education. Formally created in December 2010, it seeks to have a real-world impact on curriculum, students, faculty and programs.

Led by Rich DeMillo, Distinguished Professor of Computer Science in the College of Computing, the center is made up of faculty from the schools of Computer Science, Interactive Computing, Industrial Systems Engineering and Public Policy, as well as the College of Management.

Collaborating centers at Georgia Tech include the GVU Center (learning technologies), the Tennenbaum Institute (enterprise transformation), GTISC (privacy, compliance) and the Computing for Good (access and affordability) initiative.

View the C21U overview (pdf).

The Center for 21st Century Universities' sample projects include:

  • Social networks for expanding the reach and effectiveness of student-faculty interactions
  • Open blogging platforms for facilitating student interactions
  • Massively open online courses (MOOCs) as alternative learning environments for certain disciplines
  • Artificial intelligence, online social filtering, and search technology for augmenting human advising
  • Predictability in the undergraduate curriculum: technology for helping students plan to graduate on time.
  • Trend analyses for cost/value tradeoffs in selecting a college or university
  • A dashboard for tracking the health of the research pipeline at American universities
  • Evaluating commercial CRM models for enhancing the online course experience
  • Quality clusters and self-accreditation
  • Case studies of disruptive market forces and transformational change in higher education
  • Comparative studies of curriculum change in the Unites States and Asia
  • Tailoring Open CourseWare Repositories for accredited programs

For more information, contact denton [at] cc [dot] gatech [dot] edu (Dani Denton) in the School of Computer Science.


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