Undergraduate Research – Forms & FAQs

Is there actually a grade assigned when working for credit?

It is usually for a grade - however that's a decision for the faculty member supervising the work. Typically they want you to be working hard on a project, so they encourage students to sign up on a letter grade basis.

Also, for a letter grade the credit can count towards your CS free elective, and only 6 hours of free elective can be taken pass/fail.

What's the best way to job hunt using email?

It's easy to email lots of people, right? Some students have taken advantage of this fact to email a job inquiry to lots of faculty, sending a form letter to them all. Do NOT do this. It will not get you a job, and it makes people angry, because you've wasted their time. Instead, pick one or two faculty members whose work most interests you, and do some background research--read their web pages, and at least two of their papers. Then email a more targeted inquiry just to those one or two faculty.

What do I do if I have a question?

Please send all questions to uroc [at] cc [dot] gatech [dot] edu As people ask questions about UROC, we will put the answers here!

When can I start?

To work for credit you must enroll during Phase I or II registration, up to and including the drop/add period at the start of each semester. (Drop/Add normally ends around Wed. or Thurs. of the first week of class.) Students working for pay may start anytime, and will need to see the faculty member for this process.

What is a typical student workload?

Each credit hour = 4 hours of work per week. Students typically register for 3 hours = 180 hours of work over the term.

Do these count as Free Elective Credits towards my CS degree?

Credits, depending on which course you register for can count in a variety of ways: - If you sign up for the research as your senior design project (CS 4980) - the work can satisfy your senior design requirement. It is up to the faculty member to decide whether the research you are doing is of sufficient breadth and depth to qualify as senior design. - Otherwise you will sign up for CS 2699 - Special Problems. These hours can count towards your CS Free Elective or Free Elective.

Is there any paperwork I have to do in order to begin?

Each option (CS 4980 or CS 2699) needs the Permit form to be filled out and signed off on by the faculty member advising your work. The form asks for your name & student ID, and more importantly has a section where you and the faculty member agree what it is that you are going to be doing with them for the semester. The Permit Form is located in CoC, outside of the Advisors Offices.

Students being paid must also sign up for the appropriate audit course.


CS 4980 - Research Project, Junior/Senior Level, permit and proposal documentation required
CS 4911 - Development Project, Junior/Senior Level, no permit required, group projects

Independent Research Work for Pay: Audit hours (non-credit)
CS 2698 - Freshmen/Sophomore Level, permit required
CS 4698 - Junior/Senior Level, permit required

Independent Research Work for Credit: Letter-grade or Pass-fail
CS 2699 - Freshmen/Sophomore Level, permit required
CS 4699 - Junior/Senior Level, permit required

Independent Development Work for Credit:
CS 4903 - Any Level, permit required top of page

What about the pay?

Hourly pay generally ranges from $9 to $12 an hour, increasing for more senior students. (Last updated: 6/2013)



Research Intent Signature Form

Certificate of Research Option Approval

Undergraduate Research Permit Form