Adit Ranadive

PhD Student in Computer Science

Advisors: Prof. Karsten Schwan, Dr. Ada Gavrilovska

Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems
College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia - 30332 - 0280

adit262 at cc dot gatech dot edu


Past Research

ResourceExchange: Use micro-economics principles to provide latency guarantees to VMs sharing VMM-bypass devices.

FaReS: Focus on providing performance fairness to VMs sharing VMM-bypass devices like InfiniBand.

IBMon: Use techniques like Memory Introspection to infer InfiniBand device usage of VMs.

Current Research

Distributed Resource Exchange:Explore how hardware QoS techniques can be used to provide stricter performance guarantees to VMs. Use communication patterns of VMs to provide better scheduling and resource allocation techniques.

Nectere: A benchmark comprising of image processing and financial workloads which uses CPUs/GPUs for processing as well as Ethernet/InfiniBand for communication. The goal of Nectere is to understand how systems that have heterogenity in processing as well as networking capabilities can perform on such future datacenter workloads. Nectere, internally is comprised of different components that can be combined to test different and varying application usage patterns. For example, we use the InfiniBand/Ethernet communication components and the Image Pipelining component to find the improvement in performance when using IB for such applications. The benchmark is still in early development stage and needs proper documentation. Current Source.

Papers Published

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