Using Netlab

When you goto the netlab website you have 2 options: Create a New Project or Join Existing Project. If you want to create a new project please read below.
  1. When Creating New Projects :

    Please talk/email to me before you do create a new project. We generally allow a new project depending on whether its required for a different research group or by a class.
  2. When Joining Existing Project :

    You should know the name of the project which you want to join. For General usage of Netlab I would advise you to join the XenHack project. Enter your details on the "Join Existing Project page" and enter XenHack as the project name.
  3. Creating New Experiments :

    Now that you have access to Netlab its time to start using it. Once you login to the website click on Experimentation->Begin an Experiment. I would advise you to use the Netlab New GUI Builder which allows you to select Nodes, Switches for your setup.
    It uses Java so will need a Java-enabled Browser. Also, have atleast one switch in you experiment (if your number of nodes >= 2). It helps you to create a private network between your nodes.
    You would need to connect the switch to your nodes with the drag-drop links. Then for each node you can select which OS image you would like to load. Available OS Images: You can click the ellipsis to see list of images. Some of the images do not work currently. Please select one from the above list depending on whether you need Xen or not.
    You can set any link level characteristics if you want. Enter additional info on the experiment - Name, Description, Swap-out Time.

    WARNING:Make sure that if you do make an experiment Non-swappable I will swap it out or terminate it if it remains idle for too long and the I need to reclaim some of the nodes!

    Now you are good to go! You will have to wait till the experiment is created and swapped in. If you dont select the Swap-In Immediately option box you will have to manually swap in the experiment from its page.
  4. Logging into Netlab:

    Login to with your username and password. You have 2 options to login to your machines from here: Please read Netlab-usage for further info.
    For Help with Xen see Xen Help
    For Info about Netlab Structure see Netlab Management