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For an overview of my research projects, past and present, go to my research page (which is still not up dated but will be).   It will contains pointers  to selected publications and demos. In the meantime, a moderately  complete list of publications is here.

The Computational Perception Lab is the research group in which my lab is located. Check out the CPL Home page for links to various research projects.


As of Fall, 2011 I have taken over the Introduction to Computer Vision course CS4495.  This course is designed for senior undergraduates as well as graduate students who have had no prior experience with Computer Vision.  The web sites are listed under my main page so with a little luck they stay for quite a while.  One of the more recent version was done in Fall, 2013.

In the past I have been involved in "foundation" classes for under classman, in particular "Introduction to Computing for Engineers"  (CS1371). In addition, in support of our CM Program I helped design and occasionally  assist in  teaching "Media Device Architectures" (CS2261).   [see teaching for a complete list of course by year].

Prospective Students

Students wanting to join my group, please see [Prospective Students].  You can of course send me email but check there first to get an idea of what it means to be in my group.

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Contact info including various addresses and phones etc.