I am a third year Ph.D. student in the ACO Program at the College of Computing.
My advisor is Pr. Eric Vigoda. I am a Theory student.

Before I come here, I received a Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from National Technical University of Athens. After that, a M.Sc. in Logic, Algorithms and Computation from National and Capodistrian University of Athens.

agalanis AT cc DOT gatech DOT edu
266 Ferst Drive, KACB 2124
College of Computing
Georgia Tech
Atlanta, GA 30332

Andreas Galanis


My main interests lie in the design, theory and analysis of algorithms. I am particularly interested in randomized algorithms and structures as well as hardness of approximation. I am currently working on connections between phase transitions in statistical physics and the computational complexity of sampling/counting problems.

Inapproximability for Antiferromagnetic Spin Systems in the Tree Non-Uniqueness Region. (2013)
A. Galanis, D. Stefankovic, and E. Vigoda.
Preprint available at arXiv.

Inapproximability of the Partition Function for the Antiferromagnetic Ising and Hard-Core Models. (2012)
A. Galanis, D. Stefankovic, and E. Vigoda.
Submitted. Preprint available at arXiv.

Improved Inapproximability Results for Counting Independent Sets in the Hard-Core Model. (2011)
A. Galanis, Q. Ge, D. Stefankovic, E. Vigoda, and L. Yang.
To appear in Random Structures & Algorithms. Preliminary version appears in RANDOM 2011. Preprint available at arXiv.