CS 1050 B Constructing Proofs

Fall 2006


Course Description

Theme: Basic primitives and paradigms for the mathematical understanding of computation.

Tentative list of topics:


MWF 1:05-2, CoC Room 102.


Alexander Gray, Assistant Professor
Office hours: TBA, TSRB Room 240, or by appointment.

Teaching Assistant

Howard, howardz *AT* cc.gatech.edu
Office Hours: M 10-12, F 2-3, held in the College of Computing Commons Area on the first floor.

Text and Notes

(1) Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, 6th Edition, by Kenneth H. Rosen.
(2) Notes from a similar class at Berkeley.


Weekly or biweekly homeworks (we shall drop the lowest 2 grades): 33.33%.
You may discuss the homeworks with other people in the class. But: You MUST write your answers by yourselves, without any collaboration and without using any resource, as if you are taking a test.
You should also indicate on the top of your homework who, if anyone, you discussed the homework with.
Academic conduct is subject to the Georgia Tech Honor Code.

Complete solutions will be always posted on the Web shortly after the deadline.

Homeworks are due at the beginning of class on the noted date.
Late homework policy: no credit for late homeworks.

Two quizes: 33.33%.
Final exam: 33.33%.

Study Group Contacts

Nayan Jain (nayan.jain *AT* gatech.edu)
Seth Finberg (sfinberg3 *AT* gatech.edu)
Daniel Neuberger (Daniel.neuberger *AT* gatech.edu)
Andrew Ho (gtg939x *AT* mail.gatech.edu)
Matthew Robertson (mhr *AT* gatech.edu)


Date Topic Reading Homework
Mon, Aug 21 Course Overview

Wed, Aug 23 Proofs: logic and logical inference Rosen textbook, Chapter 1
Optional: Intro Lecture from Berkeley Class and Intro Lecture from MIT Class.

Fri, Aug 25 Proofs: direct and indirect Rosen textbook, Chapter 1
Optional: Intro Lecture from Berkeley Class and Intro Lecture from MIT Class.

Mon, Aug 28 Proofs: types and strategies Rosen textbook, Chapter 1
Optional: Intro Lecture from Berkeley Class and Intro Lecture from MIT Class.
HW1 out
Wed, Aug 30 Induction and recursion: proof by induction Rosen textbook, Chapter 4
Fri, Sep 1 no class

Mon, Sep 4 holiday

Wed, Sep 6 Induction and recursion: strong induction, recursive definitions Rosen textbook, Chapter 4 HW1 due
Fri, Sep 8 Induction and recursion: structural induction, generalized induction Rosen textbook, Chapter 4
Mon, Sep 11 Induction and recursion: recursive algorithms
Rosen textbook, Chapter 4
Wed, Sep 13 Analysis of algorithms: big-O notation, complexity
HW1 solutions out
Fri, Sep 15 Analysis of algorithms: complexity, bubble sort, sums
HW2 out
Mon, Sep 18 Analysis of algorithms: merge sort

Wed, Sep 20 Recurrence Analysis
Supplement1 out
Fri, Sep 22 Recurrence Analysis

Mon, Sep 25 Review for Quiz 1

Wed, Sep 27 Review for Quiz 1
HW2 due, Supplement1 due
HW2 solutions out
Supplement1 solutions out
Fri, Sep 29 QUIZ 1

Mon, Oct 2 Solutions for Quiz 1
HW3 out
Wed, Oct 4 Counting: Sets
Quiz1 solutions out
Fri, Oct 6 Counting

Mon, Oct 9 Counting
HW3 due,
HW3 solutions out
HW4 out
Wed, Oct 11 Probability

Fri, Oct 13 Probability

Mon, Oct 16 fall break

Wed, Oct 18 Probability
HW4 due,
HW4 solutions out
HW5 out
Fri, Oct 20 Probability

Mon, Oct 23 Probability

Wed, Oct 25 Probability
HW5 due,
HW5 solutions out
HW6 out
Fri, Oct 27 Number Theory

Mon, Oct 30 Number Theory

Wed, Nov 1 Number Theory

Fri, Nov 3 Number Theory
HW6 due,
HW6 solutions out
Supplement2 out
Mon, Nov 6 Number Theory

Wed, Nov 8 Review for Quiz 2
Supplement2 due,
Supplement2 solutions out
Fri, Nov 10 QUIZ 2

Mon, Nov 13 Solutions for Quiz 2
HW7 out,
Quiz2 solutions out
Mon, Nov 15 Number Theory

Fri, Nov 17 Number Theory

Mon, Nov 20 Number Theory
HW7 due,
HW8 out,
HW7 solutions out
Wed, Nov 22 Number Theory

Fri, Nov 24 holiday

Mon, Nov 27 Infinities

Wed, Nov 29 no class
Supplement3 out
Fri, Dec 1 Halting problem
HW8 due,
HW8 solutions out
Mon, Dec 4

Wed, Dec 6 Review for Final Exam
Supplement3 due,
Supplement3 solutions out
Fri, Dec 8 Review for Final Exam

Week of Dec 11-15 Final Exam