A. C. Huamán Quispe

Quick info:

  • Looking for my resume? It is right here!
  • LinkedIn information is also here. I am easier to reach by email.

Random info:

  • My birthday date is really cool (or so I think): I was born in a prime day of a prime year. My birthday date has 7 consecutive digits (in ascending and descending order). If that is not interesting, I don't know what else can be (did I mention that my name is palindrome?)
  • I am from Perú and I lived there until irresistible forces pushed me to come all the way up from South to North America
  • I think MATLAB is great...as long as it is not your first programming experience, as it was in my case.
  • On my free time I like to learn languages. Besides English and Spanish, I am okay with Portuguese and I can ask for beer in German (that, and other few basic needs in daily living).
  • Seems that towards the end of my PhD I am taking some seriously strange habits: At nights I like to go riding my motorbike around the parking lot before going home. Once I reach my cave, I like to knit while video-chatting with my family or while reading books on the Space Race. Both activities are highly relaxing and keep your mind and body (or fingers) sharp.


    Besides the usual suspects, such as my family, I am greatly indebted to the Schlumberger Foundation for their incredible help and trust from 2011- 2014. What would I do without you? You are my recognition fairy :)