A. C. Huamán Quispe

Quick info:

Random info:

  • My birthday date is really cool (or so I think): I was born in a prime day of a prime year. My birthday date has 7 consecutive digits (in ascending and descending order). If that is not interesting, I don't know what else can be (did I mention that my name is palindrome?)
  • I am from Perú and I lived there until irresistible forces pushed me to come all the way up from South to North America
  • I am proud of having survived 3 years without eating ramen or any kind of toxic TV dinner (as the grad student stereotype seems to dictate). Yes, it is possible, healthy and cheap
  • I like to dance Tango and I am learning to dance Swing. Curiously I don't dance Salsa (nothing beyond the basic turnings)


    Besides the usual suspects, such as my family, I am greatly indebted to the Schlumberger Foundation for their incredible help and trust during the last 2 years. What would I do without you? You are my recognition fairy :)