I am a Ph.D. student at the Georgia Institute of Technology School of Interactive Computing. As part of Mark Riedl's Entertainment Intelligence Lab my research examines how artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance entertainment experiences for entertainment, training, or even data collection.

Games are being used by an ever-widening range of people. Yet our ability to leverage these games for beneficial causes—education, training, health, or data collection—has been limited at best. I see two key bottlenecks to these developments, both centered around human stakeholders in games:

  1. limited techniques for game creators to develop and understand games
  2. limited ways games can accommodate their players

I study novel AI techniques to augment human game design and automate mundane aspects of game design practices. Human practices can be augmented with mixed-initiative technologies where humans and AI co-create products: AI systems can provide feedback or suggest changes. Alternatively, AI can automate aspects of game design people cannot or do not want to address: AI can automatically adapt games to ensure they train players on the most important skills or take responsibility for analyzing large-scale playtesting results to tune game designs. Ultimately I believe AI techniques can become an important part of the game design process and lead to new game design practices.

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