Other Projects

For my current research, please see my Research page.

Cambot and MST

Cambot and the Machinima Sequencing Tool (MST) are machinima authoring tools for novice and amateur creators. Cambot takes a script encoded in XML and makes all directorial decisions for the user, choosing everything from camera angles to the virtual set. Cambot encompasses the "Automated mode" of MST. In MST's Novice mode, users are guided through a wizard for selecting characters, camera angles, character blockings, and more for each beat of their movie. In the Performance mode, users play through and record a session of Unreal Tournament, which can be replayed as a machinima film. See more about Cambot and MST on the INC Group website, where they are available for download.

Game AI

In the Spring 2010 semester, I took Brian Magerko's Game AI class. This class had 3 projects over the course of the semester, starting with basic Game AI techniques and moving on to designing your own game or creating an agent for an existing board game.

Note: Since I am teaching the class in Summer 2012, I have pulled the information and code from this site. If you are interested, feel free to contact me.