Story Knowledge Acquisition Study

This project aims to collect knowledge about common story events from readers in order to supply that knowledge to an Artificial Intelligence system that will understand suspense. We want to learn what kind of events people expect to see in different types of stories. We need your assistance in describing what you expect to happen.

You will be describing what typically happens in a story between two given points. For each story, you will be given a start point and finish point. You do not need to include these start and end points in your response, but the events that you describe shuold occur immediately before and after those two points.

For each story, place each individual event in one of the text fields below. An "individual event" means that each text field should only contain one verb. An example event from a different story might be: "The sheriff drew his pistol."

You should list events in the order they occur. If events happen simultaneously, pick an order for them.

You do not need to use every text field provided. Do not worry about providing details about the setting. Focus on the actions taken by characters or objects in the story world.

Remember to click the Submit button for each story.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3