Dr. Calton Pu

Professor and John P. Imlay, Jr. Chair in Software
College of Computing, Georgia Tech
Co-Director, Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems

Ph.D., Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington

Office: KACB, room 3334 (NEW)
Address: Georgia Tech, 266 Ferst Dr, Atlanta, GA 30332-0765 USA
Phone +1-404-385-1106
FAX +1-404-385-2295
Email: calton dot pu AT cc dot gatech dot edu

.Research Interests

Calton's research interests are in the areas of distributed computing, Internet data management, and operating systems. In distributed systems, his focus is on extended transaction processing, system survivability, and Internet applications. In operating systems, he is applying the idea of specialization . Comparing with usual centralized systems, distributed and parallel systems softwares display unique characteristics in distance, complexity, extensibility, concurrency and availability. Making software handle these problems in a reliable and efficient way is the emphasis of Calton Pu's work. In the Infosphere project, he is developing concepts and software for Internet-scale applications driven by information flow such as real-time decision support, digital libraries, and electronic commerce. The sponsors for Calton Pu's research include both government funding agencies such as DARPA, NSF, and companies from industry such as IBM, Intel, and HP.  He is an affiliated faculty of Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems (CERCS)Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC), and Tennenbaum Institute.  Currently, he is mainly involved in three projects, in addition to several other collaborations around the world. Positions available: Georgia Tech is recruting good graduate students.

Current projects:

Past projects:

Calton has taught several courses in the areas of systems and databases. In fall 2010, he is teaching CS4220/6235 Real-Time Embedded Systems This page contains only unofficial information. The course is managed through T-Square. In spring 2011, he is planning to teach CS4365/6365/8803IEC Introduction to Enterprise Computing . (Past web page, updates pending.)

.Selected Publications

.Other Interesting Information

Calton Pu <calton@cc.gatech.edu>