me   Welcome to my homepage! I am Doru Cristian BALCAN. From July 2009 to July 2011, I was a postdoctoral fellow with the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology working with Professors Aaron Bobick and Frank Dellaert.

  In June 2009, I obtained my Ph.D. degree from the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University. There, I worked under the supervision of Michael S. Lewicki and I was a member of the Laboratory for Computational Perception and Statistical Learning.

 My research has focused on the design of adaptive signal representations, but it also addresses crucial mathematical and computational aspects of interest to other disciplines. Specifically, my interests lie in application-oriented areas of Signal Processing – probabilistic modeling, image processing, information theory, and optimization, as well as in its mathematical core – matrix analysis, computational harmonic analysis, and algebra. I am especially drawn to the many interactions between signal processing and fields like artificial intelligence, theoretical computer science, and neuroscience. For more details, please visit my research page.

 Here is a link to a presentation I gave to the NIPS Workshop "Algebraic and combinatorial methods in machine learning", Whistler, BC, Canada in December 2008. The video includes a tutorial/intro to Algebraic Signal Processing Theory and then an application: how to design polynomial transforms that asymptotically approximate DTFT, without the periodicity assumption.

Ph.D. Thesis
  • Doru C. Balcan, Efficient and Robust Signal Approximations. [pdf]

Selected Publications
  • Y.-D. Jian, D. C. Balcan, F. Dellaert. Generalized Subgraph Preconditioners for Large-Scale Bundle Adjustment. In ICCV Barcelona, Spain, 2011.[pdf] [book chapter]

  • D. C. Balcan, G. Srinivasa, M. Fickus, J. Kovačević. Guaranteeing Convergence of Iterative Skewed Voting Algorithms for Image Segmentation. In Journal of Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, vol. 33 (2), pp. 300-308, Sep. 2012. [arXiv]
    A preliminary version appeared in IEEE ICASSP, Dallas, TX, 2010.

  • D. C. Balcan, M. S. Lewicki. Point Coding: Sparse Image Representation with Adaptive Shiftable-Kernel Dictionaries. In SPARS 2009.[pdf]

  • D. C. Balcan, M. S. Lewicki. Adaptive coding of images via Multiresolution ICA. In IEEE ICASSP, Taipei, Taiwan, 2009.[pdf]

  • D. C. Balcan, A. Sandryhaila, J. Gross, and M. Püschel. Alternatives to the Discrete Fourier Transform. In IEEE ICASSP, Las Vegas, NV, USA, 2008.[pdf]

  • E. Doi, D. C. Balcan, and M. S. Lewicki. Robust coding over noisy overcomplete channels, IEEE Trans. Image Proc., vol. 2, no. 16, Feb. 2007, pp. 442-452.[pdf] A preliminary version appeared in NIPS, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2005.