Duen Horng (Polo) Chau is an Assistant Professor at Georgia Tech’s School of Computational Science and Engineering, and an Associate Director of the MS Analytics program. He holds a PhD in Machine Learning and a Masters in human-computer interaction (HCI). His PhD thesis won Carnegie Mellon’s Computer Science Dissertation Award, Honorable Mention.

His research group at Georgia Tech bridges data mining and HCI -- innovates at their intersection -- to synthesize scalable, interactive tools that help people understand and interact with big data.

They are addressing some of the most challenging problems in big data analytics, such as (1) how to enable humans to work with massive datasets that are ever increasing in size, in real time, through scalable, interactive and exploratory visualization; and (2) how to understand algorithm and computation results through explanatory visualization and intuitive interactive techniques. They create new foundational techniques and principles for interactive analytics by leveraging the scalability and accuracy of machine learning and data mining methods and the flexibility and intuition from humans. He received faculty awards from Google, Yahoo, and LexisNexis. He also received the Raytheon Faculty Fellowship, Edenfield Faculty Fellowship, Outstanding Junior Faculty Award. He is the only two-time Symantec fellow and an award-winning designer.

His research group created novel detection technologies for malware (patented with Symantec, protects 120M+ people), auction fraud (WSJ, CNN, MSN), comment spam (patented & deployed with Yahoo), fake reviews (SDM’14 Best Student Paper), insider trading (SEC), unauthorized mobile device access (Wired, Engadget); and fire risk prediction (KDD’16 Best Student Paper, runner up). He co-organized the popular IDEA workshop that catalyzes cross-pollination across HCI and data mining. He served as general chair for ACM IUI 2015, and is a steering committee member of the conference.