Soumya Sen - Smart Data Pricing (SDP) for broadband networks

In an era of $10/GB overage fees and 108% growth in demand for mobile data, Smart Data Pricing (SDP) will play a crucial role in ensuring the sustainability and economic viability of the Internet ecosystem. SDP is an umbrella term for a multi-disciplinary research initiative between academia and industry, focusing on developing an entire suite of access pricing solutions aimed at alleviating network congestion. These include dynamic time-dependent pricing, usage based pricing with demand shaping, intelligent offloading, sponsored content, and quota-aware content distribution. In this talk, I will discuss the key ideas of dynamic Time-Dependent Pricing (TDP) and present results from a field trial of the first TDP system for mobile data, followed by an outline of several research challenges and open questions in smart data pricing to help shape an appropriate and timely research agenda.