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The TEI Work-in-Progress workshop welcomes submissions about designing, making, studying, exploring and experiencing of projects on tangible, embedded and embodied interaction. The workshop aims to provoke, intrigue, and inspire the TEI audience by sharing work-in-progress practice, late breaking innovation, cutting-edge research, or controversial and compelling work. It will provide a venue for eliciting feedback and fostering discussions and collaborations among TEI colleagues. The TEI Work-in-Progress workshop provides a chance for members of the TEI community with common and diverse interests to meet in the context of a focused and interactive discussion. The workshop provides an opportunity to showcase exciting new work that is still at an early stage.




Tangible interaction, design, exploration, work-in-progress, gadget, widget


ACM Classification Keywords


H5.m. Information interfaces and presentation (e.g., HCI): Miscellaneous.




The TEI Work-in-Progress workshop provides an opportunity for both practitioners and researchers to present a concise report of new findings or other types of innovative or thought-provoking work relevant to the Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction community.


With the TEI Work-in-Progress workshop, we want to provide a venue for new, exciting, late breaking, cutting edge, unusual, challenging and thought-provoking TEI work that might not otherwise be seen at the conference. If you are working in an emerging area in TEI, submit your paper to the TEI Work-in-Progress workshop. If you are interested in defining the field, addressing basic or applied research, reflecting on design practice, discussing new methodologies and emerging application ideas, presenting innovations in sensing and actuation technologies, issues in TEI design and pedagogical modules, or suggesting promising directions for future research, submit your paper to the TEI Work-in-Progress workshop.


TEI Work-in-Progress Workshop


The purpose of the TEI Work-in-Progress Workshop is to provide an intimate atmosphere, in the form of a mini-symposium environment, to facilitate a discussion between the participants of the workshop.


The difference between the TEI Work-in-Progress and the main conference venues (e.g., papers, demonstrations) is that the work submitted to the Work-in-Progress venue targets work that may not necessarily have been completed or remains at an early stage. However, all submissions should make some contribution to the body of TEI knowledge. This TEI Work-in-Progress workshop aims to attract participation from a broad range of disciplines covering a spectrum of topics and methodologies from all of TEI's communities.


Topics of Interest


The TEI Work-in-Progress workshop invites accounts of the design (rationale, process, outcomes, and/or evaluation) of an innovative TEI application or system, controversial ideas (just want to be cool?), novel prototypes (don't look at the duct tape now), evaluations of systems, techniques, practices or other phenomena (fly on the wall, or the Wizard of Oz) relevant to TEI, inconclusive but valuable user studies and experiments (won't do that again!), and anything else that can give a fresh perspective on TEI (twist and shout? paradigm shift? methods and toolkits).


We invite submissions that explore technical or practical limitations in technologies or methodologies (cool hacks for vending machines?); that introduce promising, although currently non-viable techniques (hair and tongue interaction, or vapor ware); that describe new processes, techniques, or tools for use in interactive system design, development or deployment of TEI projects; and that explore topics outside of current discussion (human-soup bowl interfaces?).


Submissions of Work-in-Progress paper may also include reflections from practice (this is not a bug, it's a feature), including lessons learned or principles derived from real-word experiences and backed by thought-provoking and well-substantiated analyses. We also welcome submissions that discuss the latest progress in engineering design (dancing in the rain with my solar activated boots?) or a new domain application (looks Mom, no hands! My apron is frying the eggs) in our everyday lives or space expedition (telemedicine and architectural robotics).


We invite work that would otherwise not have been presented at TEI 2011 to be submitted to the TEI Work-in-Progress workshop. In essence, any compelling paper that will provoke new ideas or stir up discussions within the TEI community is appropriate for the TEI Work-in-Progress workshop.


Submission Guideline


The TEI Work-in-Progress workshop paper submission should be a 6-page paper prepared in the ACM Extended Abstract Format, submitted anonymously by sending it to tei-2011-wip@googlegroups.com with the subject title <TEI Work-in-Progress Submission> by November 10th, 2010.


Please find the Extended Abstract format  -- Word template


Workshop papers would be reviewed and selected for presentation at the TEI Work-in-Progress workshop on January 23rd, 2011. The TEI Work-in-Progress workshop proceedings will be made available on the TEI 2011 web site.


TEI Work-in-Progress is a refereed but non-archival publication venue. Your Work-in-Progress paper will have assigned page numbers in the workshop digital proceedings. This will not be considered as a formal publication and copyright will remain with authors. As such, the inclusion of the paper in the digital workshop proceedings will not limit use of the material in future publications including submitting a paper based on this work to other conferences or journals. 



Please direct any question about the TEI'11 Work-in-Progress Workshop to tei-2011-wip@googlegroups.com.




Ellen Yi-Luen Do     

Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta, GA 30332 USA



Ian Oakley

Universidade da Madeira

Funchal, 9000-390 Portugal



Mark D Gross

Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, PA 15213 USA



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