CS 8001: Networking Research Seminar


The NTG Seminar is held on a weekly basis, and is intended for students and faculty interested in research topics related to computer networking. This term (Fall 2006), the seminar will have research meetings in three "flavors":

Location: All seminars will be held in Cherry Emerson 322 unless otherwise noted.
Time: We will meet weekly from 4-5 p.m. on Wednesdays.

We will plan some of our seminars to be held jointly with GTISC when topics are overlapping (i.e., network security).

Please contact Nick Feamster if you have suggestions for guest speakers, seminar topics, etc.

Upcoming Meetings

Date Time Speaker Topic
2006 Dec 6 4 p.m. - 5 p.m. Nick Feamster Building Virtual Networks for Experimentation and Profit

Previous seminars

Date Speaker Topic
2006 Nov 22 David Andersen Building Better Data Transfers
2006 Nov 15 Jennifer Rexford GENI: Global Environment for Network Innovations
2006 Oct 18 Brian Savory Networking Research and National Lambda Rail
2006 Oct 11 Mike Freedman Re: Reliable Email
2006 Sep 20 Alan Clark The Impact of IP impairments on VoIP and IP Video applications
2006 Aug 30 Srini Seetharaman Preemptive Strategies to Improve Routing Performance of Native and Overlay Layers
2006 Aug 23 Mark Corner Disruption Tolerant Networks: Capacity Building and Robustness

If you are visiting Georgia Tech, please follow the following directions.

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