Jennifer Rexford, Princeton University

GENI: Global Environment for Network Innovations

Date: 2006 Nov 15
Time: 4-5p.m.
Location: MirC 102 A


Despite its tremendous success, the Internet architecture is showing its age. Security is weak and the problems are worsening; availability continues to be a challenge; network management is complex and expensive; and mobile hosts are difficult to handle. Yet, researchers interested in designing new network architectures face an unfortunate catch-22. New ideas are not likely to see significant adoption without evaluation of prototype systems under realistic conditions, and yet deploying a a prototype in a production network is difficult without first demonstrating the value. The GENI initiative at the U.S. National Science Foundation aims to break this cycle by providing the networking research community with a controlled and realistic environment to evaluate new network architectures. This talk will provide an overview of GENI and its three main features---virtualization, programmability, and user opt-in---as well as the current thinking about the design of the various components.

Speaker Bio

Jennifer Rexford joined the Network Systems Group of the Computer Science Department at Princeton University in February 2005 after spending eight and a half years at AT&T Research. Her research focuses on Internet routing, network measurement, and network management, with the larger goal of making data networks easier to design, understand, and manage. Jennifer is co-author of the book Web Protocols and Practice: HTTP/1.1, Networking Protocols, Caching, and Traffic Measurement (Addison-Wesley, May 2001) and co-editor of She's an Engineer? Princeton Alumnae Reflect (Princeton University, 1993). Jennifer serves as the chair of ACM SIGCOMM, and as a member of the ACM Council and the CRA Board of Directors. She received her BSE degree in electrical engineering from Princeton University in 1991, and her MSE and PhD degrees in computer science and electrical engineering from the U. Michigan in 1993 and 1996, respectively.

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