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Besides being a perpetual student, I am also a science fiction and fantasy writer - when I have time to write, that is. I am a graduate of the Clarion Writer's Workshop (2006). Though I'm still picking away at a novel, I sell the occasional short story, usually for less than I spent on coffee while writing it.

Some other potential notes of interest about me...
  • I'm a Georgia native, and besides Atlanta, have lived in Swainsboro, Augusta, Valdosta, and Fayetteville (where I graduated from high school).
  • I play piano and percussion - as well as oboe (badly), and guitar (even worse). I was in the Georgia Tech marching band for two years, and also played in the orchestra and percussion ensemble.
  • I write for a technology and geek culture blog.
  • My studies of media fandom have led me largely through the world of Harry Potter academically, but on a personal level I'm a huge fan of Doctor Who, Supernatural, Star Trek, and stuff that Joss Whedon touches (and don't even get me started on books).
  • Though I recognize that if I took any of them up again it would eat too much of my time at the moment, I am a gamer in theory, and play on occasion World of Warcraft and City of Heroes.

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