Hasan Abbasi

Research Interests 

My primary research interest is enabling innovative data management for high performance, especially scientific, applications. As the data sizes for modern HEC platforms approach and exceed PetaScale, the difficulty of managing, transmitting, storing and processing the generated data becomes untenable. In order to reduce the complexity of dealing with PetaScale I/O, we have developed, jointly with ORNL, new infrastructures for dealing with this vast deluge of data. In particular we are looking at extending in-transit data processing to supercomputing applications utilizing additional resources in the system. This method of processing is called "data staging", allowing us to create custom data processing pipelines to process in flight data without generating substantial overheads on either the application or the storage subsystem.
Expected graduation date: Dec 2010.


A few personal projects

After school volunteer at International Community School. A truly excellent opportunity for people looking to help out and experience a different world. Please check out the page and see if some of the opportunities suit you.
RFS after school instructor. RFS is an organization dedicated to helping resettle refugees coming to the US from war torn areas across the world. Like ICS this is a wonderful chance for people to experience the international scene without leaving Atlanta!
The (oddly named) Vaccine Dinner Club. If you want to learn something interesting about new advances in vaccines as well as preventative efforts and also eat free food, do sign up!
Learning a new language is fun; meeting people from around the world is fun; teaching your language is fun (and profitable!). Atlanta International Language Institute!
TRC of Liberia: Using technology to solve internicine conflicts and reconciling hostile groups.