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PhD Student in Human Centered Computing

Augmented Environments Lab

School of Interactive Computing

Georgia Institute of Technology


801 Atlantic Drive

Atlanta, Georgia, USA 30332-0280









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Design mixed-reality experiences to engage human cognition and creativity, by leveraging research from human-computer interaction, developmental psychology, cognitive science, and education.




Ph.D. Candidate, Human Centered Computing

Georgia Institute of Technology, USA


B.S. Honors Computer Science, Minor in Commerce

University of British Columbia, Canada


Academic Positions


Georgia Institute of Technology, GA, USA :: Augmented Environments Lab

Research Assistant – I research guidelines for designing mixed-reality experiences appropriate for children. Activities include user experience design, implementation of prototype systems, experimental design and evaluation, managing multi-disciplinary project teams, and collaboration with corporate sponsors.


Georgia Institute of Technology, GA, USA :: Cognitive Computing Lab

Research Assistant – Part of a team of graduate researchers, designed a system for authoring intelligent characters in virtual worlds. Own tasks focused on the design of interfaces for behavior demonstration and personality modeling. Research involved high-level system design and formative user studies.


University of British Columbia, BC, Canada :: Computational Intelligence Lab

NSERC Research StudentAided in the development and testing of an intelligent user interface for teaching mathematics to high-school students. Tasks involved system design and implementation, performing user studies and data analysis.


University of British Columbia, BC, Canada :: Distributed Systems Lab

NSERC Research StudentDeveloped a mobile-agent platform for Nokia mobile phones, initiated a project on knowledge integration over peer-to-peer networks, and developed visual programming environment for knowledge aggregation using mobile agents and web services.

Teaching AssistantConducted laboratories, grading and administrative duties for Computer Science classes of Advanced Operating Systems, and Theory of Computation.


Industrial Positions


Samsung Electronics, CA, USA :: Advanced Technologies Lab

Research Scientist – Directed a 5-person multi-disciplinary team in the development of a whole-body collaborative application for children’s education. Activities included project management, future forecasting, user experience design, production of concept videos, and design & implementation of multi-platform software.


Avaya Labs Research, NJ, USA :: Collaborative Applications Group

Research Scientist – Developed experimental interfaces for understanding and exploration of large-scale microblogging systems such as Twitter. The self-driven project consisted of designing survey instruments, statistical analysis of microblogging data, metaphorical interface design, and implementation of visualization software.



Business Objects, BC, Canada :: Research and Development Group

R&D Software Architect – Developed user interfaces for interacting with a business-intelligence programming environment. Improved functional-language compiler used for corporate projects, and designed “extreme programming” tools for code refactoring & generation.


MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates LTD, BC, Canada :: RADARSAT-2 Aerospace

Software EngineerDesigned and integrated software for managing satellite activities. Developed XML-based communication software and administered communication standards for entire project. Completed multiple improvements to system standards and design, aiding software development and improving team productivity.


Volunteer Positions


The Children’s School of Atlanta, GA, USA :: Computer Technology Lab

I assist in activities of Grade 1 and Grade 4 classes, as children learn to use digital technology creating digital images and programming games. I assist with teaching, managing the classroom, and designing curriculums. Children find me fun and wacky, and voluntarily used me as character in their games.


BC Children’s Hospital, BC, Canada :: Psychiatry Department

Entertained children 3 to 12 years old while they waited for psychiatrist / family relatives. Individually managed the departmental playroom, organized activities and signage, and interacted with patients, doctors and staff.


Awards (Canada)


Best Undergraduate Teaching Assistant in Computer Science (Univ. British Columbia)


National Science and Engineering Research Council Undergraduate Research Award (Canada)


Undergraduate Scholar Program Scholarship (Univ. British Columbia)



Peer-Reviewed Publications

Yan Xu, Evan Barba, Iulian Radu, Maribeth Gandy, Brian Schrank, Blair MacIntyre, Tony Tseng. Pre-Patterns for Designing Embodied Interactions in Handheld Augmented Reality Games. International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality. Basel, Switzerland. 2011. (Best Paper Award).

Yan Xu, Evan Barba, Iulian Radu, Maribeth Gandy, Blair MacIntyre. Chores Are Fun: Understanding Social Play in Board Games for Digital Tabletop Game Design. Proceedings of the 2011 Digital Games Research Association Conference. Hilversum, Netherlands. 2011.

Lana Yarosh, Iulian Radu, Seth Hunter, Eric Rosenbaum. Examining Values: An Analysis of Nine Years of IDC Research. International Conference on Interaction Design and Children. Ann Arbor, USA. June 2011

Haitao Song, James Clawson, Iulian Radu. Updating Fitts’ Law to Account for Small Targets. International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction. 2011.

Iulian Radu, Blair MacIntyre. AR SPOT: Authoring Augmented-Reality Experiences through Scratch. Scratch@MIT Conference. Boston, USA. 2010

Iulian Radu, Blair MacIntyre. Augmented-Reality Scratch: A Children's Authoring Environment for Augmented-Reality Experiences. International Conference on Interaction Design and Children. Como, Italy. 2009

Cristina Lacey, Manish Mehta, Iulian Radu, Abhishek Jain, Ashwin Ram. Creating Behavior Authoring Environments for Everyday Users. International Conference on Computer Games, Multimedia and Allied Technology. Singapore City, Singapore. 2009

Yan Xu, Maribeth Gandy, Sami Deen, Brian Schrank, Kim Spreen, Michael Gorbsky, Timmy White, Evan Barba, Iulian Radu, Jay Bolter, Blair MacIntyre. BragFish: Exploring Physical and Social Interaction in Co-located Handheld Augmented Reality Games. International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology. Yokohama, Japan. 2008

Iulian Radu, Son T. Vuong. NEMOS: Mobile-Agent Based Service Architecture for Lightweight Devices. International WorldComp Conference: Semantic Web and Web Services. Las Vegas, USA. 2007

Juan Li, Iulian Radu, Son T. Vuong. GODIS: Ontology-Based Resource Discovery and Integration in Grids. IASTED Conference: Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems, Dallas, USA. 2006


Workshop & Poster Presentations

Yan Xu, Sam Mendenhall, Vu Ha, Iulian Radu, Blair MacIntyre. Trade-Offs for Designing Handheld Augmented Reality Game Interfaces. ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW’12) Workshop on Mixed Reality Games. Seattle, USA. 2012.

Iulian Radu, Yan Xu, Blair MacIntyre. Eliciting Embodied Metaphors through Augmented-Reality Game Design. ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI’11) Workshop on Embodied Interaction: Theory and Practice in HCI. Vancouver, Canada. 2011

Iulian Radu, Ruby Zheng, Gary Golubsky, Mark Guzdial. Augmented Reality in the Future of Education. ACM CHI (Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems) Workshop on UI Technology and Educational Pedagogy. Atlanta, USA. 2010

Iulian Radu. ThoughtPlay: Studying Cognition Through Augmented-Reality Interaction. Design Computation and Cognition Conference. Atlanta, USA. 2008

Christina Lacey, Iulian Radu, Manish Mehta. Second Mind: A Wiki Environment for Authoring Virtual Characters. Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Computing Symposium. Atlanta, USA. 2008 (People’s Choice Second Prize Winner)

Iulian Radu. Son T. Vuong. Mobile Agent Service-Oriented Architectures. BC-NET Conference. Vancouver, Canada. 2007 (Second Prize Winner)


Technical Skills



Programming Languages

Programming Concepts


§  C, C++

§  C#

§  Java Android/J2SE/J2ME

§  Objective-C  Cocoa


§  Flash ActionScript 3

§  Visual Basic

§  Pascal


§  Logo

§  Squeak Smalltalk

§  Assembler (x86, M68HC12)


§  Object-Oriented Design & Analysis

§  Multi-Threaded Development

§  UI Programming (MFC, Java, Processing, Flash)

§  Networking Applications (W/LAN, Bluetooth)

§  Graphics Development (OpenGL, Direct3D, Unity3D)

§  Mobile Platforms (iPhone, Android, Nokia 6550)

§  Database Management

§  Microchip Development (x86, M68HC12)

§  Natural Interaction (Kinect SDK, OpenNI SDK)


§  In-depth understanding of TCP/IP protocols

§  Programming of HTTP, FTP, SMTP servers, network bridges and firewalls

§  Experience with raw communications over Ethernet and Bluetooth

§  Administering and interconnecting networks (10Base2, 100BaseT, 100VG, Token-Ring)

Operating Systems

Applications / Game Engines


§  Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 Server, NT 4.0, 98/95

§  Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7

§  UNIX (Linux, Solaris, Slackware)

§  DOS

§  MS Visual Studio IDE

§  Eclipse IDE

§  XCode IDE

§  Adobe Photoshop CS4

§  Matlab

§  Internet Information Server

§  MySQL


§  Unity 3D



User Evaluation Skills

Experienced in experimental design and evaluation, having conducted quantitative and qualitative studies on subjects ranging from kindergarten children to working professionals.

Proficient with statistical analysis techniques and familiar with analysis tools such as Matlab, SPSS and Tableau.

Hold USA Institutional Review Board certification.



Creative thinker, intuitive feeler and efficient problem solver.

Have successfully managed a diversity of team projects, and work well independently.

Volunteer at The Children’s School Atlanta (2008-present), and BC Children’s Hospital (2005-2007).

Enthusiastic, detail oriented, self-motivated and highly adaptive.

Passionate dancer and extreme snowboarder.

Canadian citizen, holder of USA F1 Visa.