| Visual ::



2D Visuals

A sample of web pages, painting and drawing.



Played with flash for a short time and made these. The first is an intro to my web site, and the second is a play with flash dynamic programming.


3D Renders

In high school created some renderings and movies.




| Literary ::



HCC Poetry

Poetry about what Human Centered Computing is for me.

[much more poetry and thoughts about life, love & the essence of the universe, available on request]


Diffusion of Self

Commentary on how further inquiry of neural synchrony (the finding that networks in the brain synchronize by means of electric oscillations) can lead society to loosen the idea of a person's "self", and the implications this will have.


Education & Real-Time FMRI

Commentary on how real-time FMRI can be combined with educational techniques in order to enhance a student's learning.


Emotional Robots

Commentary describing how, through architectures of increasing complexity, robotic systems can be designed to simulate a wide range of human emotions.


Mood-Changing Adaptive Interface

Research proposal for building a system which combines research on emotions, adaptive interfaces, and EEG in order to monitor and modify a computer users' emotions in real-time.


Cuckoo Pastiche

Pastiche piece (created in high school), matching Ken Kesey�s style in One Flew Over A Cuckoo�s Nest.




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