james clawson

Current Research

As a first year Human Centered Computing PhD student I am continuing my investigation into the world of mobile HCI. I am shifting my focus from issues of input and output and moving up the HCI stack to look at issues of practice, design and evaluation. I am interested in trying to understand the relationships that people have with their mobile technologies; particularly how they use these devices to tell stories and to augment face to face communication through the sharing of media. This sharing of media to augment face to face communication is a phenomenon that I continue to run into and which I find very compelling. Currently my research is in the very early stages of development. Feel free to contact me to get today's version of what I'm thinking about.

Past Research

As an undergraduate and masters student at Georgia Tech I was very involved in doing HCI research. As an undergrad I worked on developing educational technologies for an historic home located in Midtown Atlanta. This work resulted in a CHI poster which got me to CHI for the first time and opened my eyes up to the world of HCI research. As a Masters student, I focused on researching in the area of Mobile HCI specifically looking at mobile text entry. This research resulted in several publications one of which was a best paper nomination. For a complete list of my publications, check out my pubs page.