Jacob Eisenstein

I'm an Assistant Professor in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech, where I lead the Computational Linguistics Laboratory. I work on machine learning approaches to understanding human language. I'm especially interested in non-standard language, discourse, computational social science, and statistical machine learning.

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Some recent publications

Audience-modulated variation in online social media. Pavalanathan and Eisenstein. American Speech, May 2015.
Twitter users modulate their use of non-standard lexical items by the intended audience, with non-standard language used most in strong local ties. [preprint]
Systematic Patterning in Phonologically-Motivated Orthographic Variation. Eisenstein. Journal of Sociolinguistics, April 2015.
Patterns of phonological variation find their way into writing at a surprisingly deep level, with written analogues of spoken variables reflecting syntactic and phonological conditioning. [preprint]
One Vector is Not Enough: Entity-Augmented Distributed Semantics for Discourse Relations. Ji and Eisenstein. TACL, volume 3 (2015).
A two-pass recursive neural network for identifying implicit discourse relations in the Penn Discourse Treebank. To be presented at EMNLP 2015.
“You're Mr. Lebowski, I'm The Dude”: Inducing address term formality in signed social networks. Krishnan and Eisenstein. NAACL 2015 (best student paper!).
Finding address terms in text, and inducing their formality in a joint probabilistic model of content and social network structure.
Unsupervised multi-domain adaptation with feature embeddings. Yang and Eisenstein. NAACL 2015.
A simple, effective approach to unsupervised domain adaptation in NLP applications. Also, the first algorithm for unsupervised domain adaptation across a space of many multi-attribute domains. [code]
Diffusion of lexical variation in online social media. Eisenstein, O'Connor, Smith, and Xing. PLOS-ONE, November 2014.
An analysis of changes in word popularity over time and space, correlated with macro-level demographic features of American metropolitan areas.

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