Jacob Eisenstein

I'm an Assistant Professor in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech, where I lead the Computational Linguistics Laboratory. I work on machine learning approaches to understanding human language. I'm especially interested in social media, discourse, computational social science, and statistical machine learning.

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Some recent publications

Representation Learning for Text-level Discourse Parsing. Ji and Eisenstein. ACL 2014.
Jointly induce word representations that support incremental discourse parsing in rhetorical structure theory.
Discriminative Improvements to Distributional Sentence Similarity. Ji and Eisenstein. EMNLP 2013.
We beat state-of-the-art results on paraphrase recognition by 3% raw accuracy, using a new discriminative approach to computing distributional representations for sentences.
A Log-Linear Model for Unsupervised Text Normalization.Yang and Eisenstein. EMNLP 2013.
We formulate unsupervised text normalization as a locally-normalized log-linear model, with a novel sequential Monte Carlo training algorithm.
Phonological factors in social media writing. Eisenstein. Workshop on Language Analysis in Social Media, at NAACL 2013.
Phonological variation is transcribed into social media, including systematic contextual phenomena.
What to do about bad language on the internet. Eisenstein. NAACL 2013.
A critical review of NLP work in social media analysis, and relevant theoretical perspectives from sociolinguistics.
Discourse Connectors for Latent Subjectivity in Sentiment Analysis.Trivedi and Eisenstein. NAACL 2013.
Subjectivity is treated a latent variable, allowing the role of discourse connectors to be learned via distant supervision from document-level sentiment labels.

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