Jacob Eisenstein

I'm an Assistant Professor in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech, where I lead the Computational Linguistics Laboratory. I work on machine learning approaches to understanding human language. I'm especially interested in non-standard language, discourse, computational social science, and statistical machine learning.

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Some recent publications

“You're Mr. Lebowski, I'm The Dude”: Inducing address term formality in signed social networks. Krishnan and Eisenstein. NAACL 2015.
Finding address terms in text, and inducing their formality in a joint probabilistic model of content and social network structure.
Unsupervised multi-domain adaptation with feature embeddings. Yang and Eisenstein. NAACL 2015.
A simple, effective approach to unsupervised domain adaptation in NLP applications. Also, the first algorithm for unsupervised domain adaptation across a space of many multi-attribute domains. [code]
Diffusion of lexical variation in online social media. Eisenstein, O'Connor, Smith, and Xing. PLOS-ONE, November 2014.
An analysis of changes in word popularity over time and space, correlated with macro-level demographic features of American metropolitan areas.
Identifying regional dialects in online social media. Eisenstein. To be published in the Handbook of Dialectology, 2015.
A survey of my work on computational analysis of social media to better understand dialect variation.
Gender Identity and Lexical Variation in Social Media. Bamman, Eisenstein, and Schnoebelen. Journal of Sociolinguistics, April 2014.
A reexamination of the role of gender and language, combining critical and computational perspectives. [published version] [submission pdf]
Representation Learning for Text-level Discourse Parsing. Ji and Eisenstein. ACL 2014.
Jointly induce word representations that support incremental discourse parsing in rhetorical structure theory.

Recent and upcoming presentations and visits

  • Jelinek Memorial Summer Workshop on Language Technology, July-August 2015
  • NAACL, Denver, June 2015. Invited keynote at the SocialNLP workshop.
  • International Conference on Learning Representations, San Diego, May 2015
  • AFOSR Program Review, May 2015
  • DIGI@UGA Digital Humanities event, University of Georgia, April 2015 [slides]
  • Southeastern Conference on Linguistics, Raleigh NC, April 2015
  • University of Georgia Digital Humanities Day, April 2015
  • Stanford Linguistics Colloquium, February 2015
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting, Feburary 2015 in San Jose [slides]
  • NIPS Workshop on Modern Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, Montreal, December 2014 [slides]
  • Atlanta Workshop on Computational Social Science, November 2014
  • Symposium on Computation and Journalism, New York, October 2014
  • Methods in Dialectology (Keynote), Groningen, August 2014
  • Association for Computational Linguistics, Baltimore, June 2014
  • Stanford Conference on Computational Social Science, April 2014. [video]
  • Facebook, April 2014

Professional service

All this reviewing takes a lot of time! Please don't be offended if I decline additional requests, particularly from non-OA venues.


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