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Click here to download "resources/code/jvfeatures/jvfeatures.h"


 * jvfeatures.h
 *  Created on: March 13, 2009
 *      Author: jscholz


#include "jvtypes.h"

using namespace std;

/* Overview: This class wraps up some standard opencv algorithms,
 as well as adding a few simple calculations of my own, for the
 purpose of extracting features for robot control.  The general
 organization is around a bunch of public member variables
 describing various costs or features, which become populated by
 public methods.  The purpose of this, as opposed to returning
 the feature values to the user, is that these calculations are
 cumulative, and this system makes it trivial to ensure that all
 calculations are performed at most once for each frame.  */

class jvfeatures {

        // Initialization
        bool showsrcimg;
        jvfeatures(const char* filename, bool show = true); // single image mode constructor
        jvfeatures(IplImage *img, bool show = true); // raw IplImage constructor
        jvfeatures(int device, bool show = true); // streaming video mode constructor
        jvfeatures(bool show = true); // null constructor

        void init();
        void reset(bool show = true);
        void loadFile(const char* filename, bool show = false);
        void loadImage(IplImage *img, bool show = false); // manually load a new image


        // For everyone
        enum feat_functions {
        CvFont font;
        CvMemStorage* storage;
        CvCapture* capture;
        IplImage* srcimg;               // 3 channel source image
        IplImage* srcimgBW;     // 1 channel version of srcimg
        int roiX, roiY, roiW, roiH;
        bool useROI;
        void setROI();
        void resetROI();
        void configROI(int x = 0, int y = 0, int width = 640, int height = 480);
        void showimg(IplImage* img, const char* title = "Image");

        // For Threshold image
        IplImage* threshimg;
        bool ran_thresh;
        bool showthreshimg;
        void draw_threshimg();
        void thresh(bool show = true, int thresh = 45, double wB = 1, double wG = 1, double wR = 1); // 70 for blocks, 150 (110?) for sim

        // For Canny Edge
        bool showedgeimg;
        bool ran_edge;
        IplImage* edgeimg;
        void draw_edgeimg();
        void edges(bool show = true);

        // For houghlines
        vector<linevec> lines;
        IplImage* houghimg;
        IplImage* houghtemp;
        bool showhoughimg;
        bool ran_hough;
        int houghmethod;
        void draw_houghimg();
        void houghlines(bool show = true, int method = 1);

        // For segmentation
        enum segtype {
        CvSeq* comp; // PYRAMID needs this
        IplImage *segimg;
        void segment(bool show = true, int method = PYRMEANSHIFT);

        // For hist
        CvHistogram *hist;
        IplImage* histimg;
        std::vector<double> histvec;
        bool showhistimg;
        bool ran_hist;
        void draw_histimg(int nbins);
        void calchist(bool show = true, int nbins = 64);

        // For entropy
        double entropy;
        void histentropy();

        // For linescatter
        double scatterscore;
        void linescatter();

        // For lineortho
        double orthoscore;
        void lineortho();

        // For convexhull
        IplImage* hullimg;
        bool showhullimg;
        bool ran_hull;
        CvSeq* cvhull;
        void draw_hullimg();
        void convexhull(bool show = true);

        // For findContours
        IplImage* contoursimg;
        int num_contours;
        bool showcontoursimg;
        bool ran_contours;
        CvSeq* contours; // full contour
        void draw_contoursimg(bool show = true);
        void findContours(bool show = true);

        // For findQuads
        IplImage* quadsimg;
        CvSeq* polygons; // polygon approximation of contour
        vector<quad> quads;
        bool showquadsimg;
        bool ran_quads;
        void draw_quadsimg();
        void findQuads(bool show = true, int minlength = 55, int obstPerimThresh = 110); // 35 picked for ee in srlib

        // For clutterarea
        double charea;
        double chperim;
        double goaldist;
        point goalpt;
        point chcentroid;
        void clutterarea(point gpt = point(250,250));

        // For cluttercost
        IplImage* costimg;
        double cost;
        std::vector<double> featweights;
        bool showcostimg;
        //bool ran_cost;
        std::vector<double> costvec; // just to have a convenient representation of costs
        void draw_costimg();
        void cluttercost(bool show = true);

        // For singlecapture
        void singlecapture(bool show);

        // For livecapture
        IplImage* frame;
        CvVideoWriter* writer;
        void livecapture(bool saveMovie = false);

        // For getting image info under the mouse pointer
        CvPoint mousept;
        bool clicked;
        CvSeq *clickSeq;
        void clickExtras();
        void select_pixel();

        /********************* Utilities **********************/
        double get_featval(int i);
        void cleanup();

        static double dist2axis(double theta);

// This has to be a static to function as a callback
static void on_mouse(int event, int x, int y, int flags, void* object);

#endif /* JVFEATURES_h_ */

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