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Tutorials & Presentationsdownload
Scholz, J., (9-2-11) DP tutorial part 2 Pfunk Lab meeting
Scholz, J., (8-26-11) DP tutorial part 1 Pfunk Lab Meeting
Scholz, J., (2011) Flexible High-level Planning for Robots and Virtual Agents Quals research Portfolio Talk
Scholz, J., (2010) A fun essay I wrote for a class once about Steve Piantadosi's awesome CP-knower thing Developmental Psych, fall 2010
Scholz, J., (2010) Behaviorism and RL seminar Humanoids Lab Meeting
Scholz, J., (2010) Neurobiology of Motion Primitives Humanoids Lab Meeting
Scholz, J., (2010) PR2 Navigation with Wheeled Objects Willow Garage Intern Presentation
Scholz, J., (2010) The Theory Theory Humanoids Lab Meeting
Scholz, J., Subramanian, V, Elangovan, A., (2009) Control Strategies for Intercepting Mobile Objects with a Humanoid 7-link Robot Arm Gatech grad symposium
Scholz, J., (11-11-11) iHMM tutorial Pfunk Lab Meeting
Conference Posters & Papersdownload
Levihn, M., Scholz J., Stilman, M., (2013) Planning with Movable Obstacles in Continuous Environments with Uncertain Dynamics ICRA
Levihn, M., Scholz J., Stilman, M., (2012) Hierarchical Decision Theoretic Planning for Navigation Among Movable Obstacles WAFR
Scholz J., Chitta S., Likhachev, M., (2011) Cart Pushing with a Mobile Manipulation System- Towards Navigation with Moveable Objects ICRA
Scholz J., Stilman, M., (2008) Combining Motion Planning and Optimization for Flexible Robot Manipulation Humanoids


Social Cognition & fMRIdownload
Young, L., Scholz, J., Saxe, R. (in press). Neural evidence for “intuitive prosecution”- The use of mental state information for negative moral verdicts. Social Neuroscience
Scholz, J., Gweon, H., Saxe, R. (SAN 2008, Boston, MA) True or False- the RTPJ responds to task relevant beliefs Poster presented by me
Fedorenko, E., Cherkasskiy, L., Piantadosi, S., Scholz, J., Saxe, R. (CNS 2008, San Francisco, CA) Prosody influences the listener's online representation of the speaker's thoughts. Poster presented by Ev
Scholz J., Triantafyllou, C., Whitfield-Gabrieli, S., Brown, EN., Saxe, R. (CNS 2008, San Francisco, CA) Distinct regions of right temporo-parietal junction are selective for theory of mind and exogenous attention Poster presented by me
Kliemann, D., Young, L., Scholz, J., & Saxe, R. (2008). The influence of prior record on moral judgement. Neuropsychologia
Saxe, R., Whitfield-Gabrieli, S., Scholz, J., Pelphrey, K., (2008) Brain Regions for Perceiving and Reasoning about Other People in School-aged Children submitted
Young, L., Scholz, J., Saxe., R.(2008) A role for theory of mind brain regions in moral blame and praise- An fMRI investigation. submitted
Saxe, R., Moran, J., Scholz, J., & Gabrieli J. (2006) Overlapping and non-overlapping brain regions for theory of mind and self reflection in individual subjects Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience

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