About me

I am a PhD student in the School of Computer Science at the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. I am a member of the Networking and Telecommunications Group. I am working with Prof. Mostafa Ammar and Prof. Ellen W. Zegura. Prior joining Georgia Tech, I received my Masters Degree from the Computer Science Department at the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) in July 2012 and received my Bachelor's Degree from the Computer and Systems Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering at Alexandria University in July 2010. I was advised by Prof. Moustafa Youssef and Prof. Khaled A. Harras.

My main research interests include Mobile Device Clouds, Bandwidth Aggregation, Network Resources Utilization, Cognitive Radio Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobile Computing, Computer Networks and Systems. My recent projects includes:

What's New

  • October 2015: I attended IEEE MASS 2015 and presented our bandwidth sharing and aggregation paper ----- (PDF).
  • August 2015: Our survey on bandwidth bandwidth aggregation was accepted for publication in Computer Networks - Elsevier ----- (PDF).
  • July 2015: Our work on bandwidth sharing and aggregation was accepted for publication in IEEE MASS 2015 ----- (PDF).
  • June 2015: I attended IEEE CLOUD 2015 and presented our FemtoClouds and Opportunistic Computing papers.
  • May 2015: I joined Cisco as a Research Intern.


    Email: karim[DoT]habak[AT]cc.gatech.edu
    Office: KACB 3337


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