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[...E]lectrons don't have moods that vary from minute to minute, and the tight controls physicists place on their experiments to isolate observed behaviors are next to impossible in the social sciences.[...] Quantitative research can only answer questions about how much or how many along a few reductive axes. Qualitative research can tell you about what, how and why in rich, multivariate detail. (p. 39)
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A row of windmills near Ouddorp, The Netherlands

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The Mother Tongue: English and How it Got That Way by Bill Bryson
Who knew that a book I bought for fun would turn out to be relevant to my research? Ok, this is a book about a language and I do language learning research, but it still fascinates me. There was information about early language learning. (Not so much as my more academic books on the subject, though.) Right now I'm reading about the proto-Indo-European language and how it was "discovered."
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