I study how collaborative technologies can overcome barriers to human communication. I am most interested in nontraditional users and environments; many of my projects connect with health. I have worked with children's hospitals to understand how technology shapes the work of Child-Life Specialists, and I have worked on mobile text entry systems for the visually impaired.

I earned my PhD in Human Centered Computing @ Georgia Tech in Beth Mynatt's Everyday Computing Lab. During my studies at GT I interned at Google and Sun Microsystems. I also hold a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Michigan.

For my dissertation I analyzed collaborative search as a research and intervention tool. Working with the Emory Predictive Healthcare Institute, I studied how health providers and their clients find, share and act on online health information. I also created and evaluated Snack, a browser extension and web app for collaborative online health seeking. Snack and my other work at EPHI served as probes, exploring online resources as a source of patient empowerment.


Kaiser Permanente

I'm excited announce I am joining the Usability Center of Excellence at Kaiser Permanente! I'm thrilled to get this opportunity to study and impact healthcare 'from the inside'. After a short transition in Atlanta, I'll be moving to Denver, Colorado!

PhD Defense

After 6 years at Georgia Tech, I'll be defending my dissertation on April 16th! Good vibes, please! Update: I passed! I will be completely finished by May 16th!

Paper Accepted: PervasiveHealth '14

My paper "Gauging the Patient-Centered Potential of Online Health Seeking" was accepted at PervasiveHealth 2014. See you in Oldenburg, Germany in May!