Sarah Miracle

 Graduate Student (anticipated graduation May 2015)
 School of Computer Science
 Georgia Institute of Technology

  Office: KACB 2124
  Email: sarah (dot) miracle (at) gatech (dot) edu

I am a Ph.D. student in the Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimization program at the Georgia Institute of Technology. My advisor is Dana Randall and my main research interests include randomized algorithms, sampling and Markov chains. Markov chains are algorithms that can allow us to obtain information efficiently from exponentially large sets through random sampling. These algorithms are common across scientific disciples, including statistical physics, biology, operations research, computer science and many others. My primary area of research is designing and analyzing sampling algorithms by bringing insight and intuition from statistical physics, computer science, discrete mathematics and probability theory. Specifically, I’m interested in applying rigorous techniques for analyzing sampling algorithms from computer science to the study of physical models such as colloids. For more information on my research, see my publications and academic presentations.

Prior to attending Georgia Tech, I worked for 5 years as an engineer and then as a manager at National Instruments in Austin, TX. In 2003, I graduated from Vanderbilt University summa cum laude with a BE in computer engineering and mathematics and a MS in computer science. I am the recipient of a DOE Graduate Fellowship and an ARCS Scholar Award. Additional information can be found in my CV and resume.

You can find the latest copy of my thesis here.

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