I had great internships at IBM Almaden Research Center, Nokia Research Palo Alto, and Intel Labs after starting my Ph.D. degree. But even before those internships, my work experience had already started at my home contry, Korea. First working place was the Research center of SindoRicoh which is the joint-vanture of Sindo Enterprise and Ricoh company. Career as embedded a software engineer started there. I was a research engineer on the team that developed commercialized embedded Linux laser printer platform.

After three and half years at the SindoRicoh R&D center, I joined the Software Laboratories, Chief Technology Operations of the Samsung Electronics that is the largest software research lab in Korea at the moment.
In Samsung Electronics, I focused on researching operating systems-level low power technology for central processors embedded in digital TVs and mobile phones. From 2005, new file system research was started on a NAND flash memory and hard disk drives for consumer products. The results of the research were presented at the Linux Symposium 2006.
Other study was on creating a new journaling method to protect saved user contents through file system on multimedia consumer electronics (CE), and a new protection method for metadata of file system even when bad sectors occur on HDD.

From 2006 to 2008, I was a member of the virtualization technology group in the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technoloy, which introduced XenARM. I also represented Samsung Electronics as a member of the Architecture Group at Consumer Electronics Linux Forum from 2004 to 2006.