System research, especially virtualization research, is a field that I am most interested in. I have been fortunate enough to spend the last eight years researching and developing in this field, and would like to take my research to a more advanced level. My work includes power management, storage and file systems for operating systems (OS), and virtualization.

In 2007, I have initiated research on system-level virtualization for virtual machine monitor for mobile devices based on Xen, and released its source code called XenARM into Xen Community

Recently, I have been focused on system level virtualization, I/O virtualization VMM for mobile platform based on XenARM VMM. In the process, I have discovered a fascination exists inside of me about this field. While partaking in various researches from OS to virtualization, I have encountered and solved many challenging problems.

In the process, my interest in the field has grown. Such experience and interests have allowed me to prepare myself to deliver solid research results during my Ph.D. tenure at the Georgia Institute of technology.Currently, I am a research member of CERCS.