Newsgame index

Here are links to some interesting newsgames—basically anything commenting on a recent event, ongoing political race, or similar.

To keep things manageable I focus on smallish games made not long after events. I also restrict the scope to games that have some sort of editorial commentary, as opposed to just referencing recent events. I've done a bit of ad-hoc summarization, analysis, and categorization, and link to more in-depth commentary elsewhere, where available.

List by: Date | Name | Author | Platform | Type of commentary | Type of gameplay | Subject

October 1999

Pico's School

October 2001

Kabul Kaboom!

February 2002

Al Quaidamon

May 2002


September 2003

September 12

December 2003

The Howard Dean for Iowa Game

Kimdom Come

Reelect Bush?

March 2004


Useful Voter Guide

April 2004

John Kerry Tax Invaders

May 2004

2004 Everybody Fight


July 2004

Escape from Woomera

September 2004


Take Back Illinois

October 2004


September 2005


October 2005

Airport Insecurity

April 2006

Darfur is Dying

September 2006

Airport Security

So You Think You Can Drive, Mel?

November 2006

Bacteria Salad

May 2007

Food Import Folly

June 2007

Operation: Pedopriest

Points of Entry

Presidential Pong

October 2007


November 2007

Matt Blunt Document Destroyer

January 2008


February 2008

I Can End Deportation

May 2008

Police Brutality

Compiled by Mark Nelson. See my main page for email if you have comments/corrections.