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Mario Romero, Ph.D.

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at Uppsala University and a visiting teacher at KTH. At Uppsala, I am working with Professor David Sumpter and his group on Collective Behavior. We are creating models of human behavior in collaborative groups. At KTH, I am teaching advanced computer graphics and interaction, DH2413.

Curriculum Vitae in PDF

Past Activities at Georgia Tech

  • Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Principal Investigator BrailleTouch
  • Director of the Child Study Laboratory
  • Member of the Computational Behavioral Science Group
  • mario AT gatech DOT edu
  • Curriculum Vitae in PDF
  • Extended Curriculum Vitae and References in LinkedIn
  • I am the Principal Investigator and co-inventor of BrailleTouch and the Director of Georgia Tech's Child Study Laboratory. BrailleTouch is an eyes-free text entry application for multi-point touchscreen smartphones and tablets. The Child Study Laboratory is the central experimental data management site of the NSF Expedition in Computational Behavioral Science. My research are is Human-Computer Interaction with focus in information visualization and ubiquitous and accessible computing.

    I work with Dr. Jim Rehg and Dr. Gregory Abowd.

    Past Projects